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The Path to Financial Freedom is Now in Mexico!

You read that right! You can have financial freedom today in Mexico! And best of all... it’s as easy as 1,2,3!

We are the Mexico Real Estate industry, and we want to disrupt your life. Join our online community of professionals who are looking for a career that will last them their whole lives!


You can be just like Darrell and Gordon...

(Here's Darrell and Gordon enjoying the good life in Mexico while promoting one of their newest listings.)

Darrel and Gordon are two hard-working law enforcement officers just like you! After spending their careers working in the service of justice, they retired down to Rosarito's sunny beaches where days were spent looking at oceans instead.

However soon after becoming tired with this routine life style, the margaritas weren't enough anymore--there had been an opportunity for them too make money selling real estate but first training required before obtaining actual job experience under your belt which is what led these legends into partnership with Mex123.

Are you ready to change your life forever?


Or maybe you are more like Claudia...

Claudia was looking for a way to improve her family's life. She became an independent real estate agent, but quickly realized that she needed help and support behind the scenes if this new career was going be successful- That is when Claudia discovered what sets us apart from other agencies: our expertise in negotiating contracts with sellers on their behalf while still maintaining strong relationships between themselves as well has satisfied customers who are buying or selling property at any given time!

So, what was this marvelous advantage that helped Claudia achieve success?

It’s simple. Claudia decided to join the Mex123 family and received all the training, resources, and support that she needed to succeed.

When she was just starting out, Claudia quickly became one of the top local agents and generated a six-figure income. She is now in high demand by her clients who can't get enough to do with all that knowledge!

Do you want this level of success? Let us guide you!


Or maybe you are more like Gerardo...

Gerardo was feeling caught in an endless cycle of administrative work, marketing photos and other tasks that took up so much time. He had reached his limits as an independent agent but could find no way to grow because the industry is not willing or able provide him with opportunities for growth anymore
He knew there must be something better out there...

At that moment, Gerardo decided to make a change and take back control of his career. He saw an opportunity to join a team that would provide him with the best tools and resources available. With this, he was able not only become more successful in his career but also take it one step further by becoming leader of said group!

Gerardo's passion for real estate led him to work with the Mex123 family. He was able to become one of their most trusted agents and later on in life, even became a successful team leader!

Are you ready to focus on activities that actually make you money?


Darrell, Gordon, Claudia, and Gerardo are just a few examples of the success stories we have seen within our community.

If you’d like to start earning more and living a better quality of life, there is no time better than right now!


Here is what you get when you become a member of our real estate family:

• An aggressive compensation plan with a fast track to 100% commission splits, passive income through revenue share, and an agent equity program. This is one of the most innovative business models in the Mexico real estate industry!

• We provide mentorship, training, and an online university with live and pre-recorded classes. We have thousands of hours of training material that will help you break through your limits and help you achieve true success.

• Access to a global network of top-performing agents that can help you learn earn and grow. Their experience will allow you to avoid the most common mistakes that can prevent your success. You will be guided by agents who have achieved actual results selling real estate in Mexico.

• We will show you how to run your company more effectively in Mexico. You'll get access and training on all the latest technologies, so that's no longer a challenge for business owners like yourself!


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