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1. Appraisals in Mexico

Appraisals in MexicoAn appraisal is made by an appraiser, usually an architect, who is recognized as a “Perito Valuador”, or Official Appraiser, by the property tax authorities in the municipality where the property is located.

When purchasing Real Estate in Baja you need to be aware that there are two types of appraisals; one will be for the tax value of the property and the other one will be for a lender, or yourself,  to determine the commercial value.


2. Tax Value Appraisal

The tax value appraisal is called Valor Catastral and will not require an on-site property inspection. The appraisal is made by a government appointee, often an architect, who is called Perito Valuador, Official Appraiser, and it is usually a fraction of the commercial value or the selling price.

This establishes value for purposes of tax liability for the buyer and the seller, assess the annual tax payment (Predial), and, it’s required by the Notary Public for preparation of the deed of transfer. Learn about Property Taxes in Rosarito Beach.


3. Commercial Value Appraisal

Normally the process for this appraisal is done with an on-site inspection and the "comparable" value of properties sold within the last six months.

In the United States a "Multiple Listing Service" is used to pull these comps. Mexico currently does not use this system in most of its cities so it is not as automatic as in the United States or Canada.

The cost of an appraisal can start at $800 and go up depending on the appraiser, the size of the property and the difficulty of the appraisal.

Your real estate agent can usually tell you what other properties have sold for in the area so this way you can determine the value of the lot and then determine the value of the house depending on the level of the construction, quality of the finishing and size of the house.