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Celebrating clients' new purchase at La Jolla del mar



Celebrating clients' new purchase at La jolla Excellence






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More happy clients!

Ron and Aury were immensely helpful as we went through the decision to buy real estate in Mexico.  They are incredibly well informed, offered great advice, connected us to experts to help get our many questions answered.  They are also alot of fun to work with, and their real estate "assistants" are awesome as well!   We are looking forward to being neighbors!

Best regards,
Dave and Debbie Fisher



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Another happy clients!!

The two of us had been looking for a place to purchase in the Rosarito Beach area, for several years.  During that time, we have had interactions with a number of real estate sales people, in order to view a particular property they were representing.  Through posts on Rosarito Facebook groups, we were fortunate to have found Andrew J. Kenesie (of  We made an inquiry to him about available properties, and arranged to meet with him on our next trip to the area. 

Andrew's enthusiasm and knowledge of the area gave us the confidence that we had found a representative that would serve us well.  Andrew partners with Ron and Aury Giron, also of Baja123, that together provides an experienced and powerful team, fully equipped to answer any and all questions you may have and completely able to deal with any issues that may arise.  The team was with us every step of the way.  The whole process was made easy because of their diligence. 

In the end we are now the proud owners of our vacation dream villa at Calafia. 

We thank Andrew, Ron and Aury for all their hard work, dedication to the customer, and making dreams come true.

Best Wishes,
Ken and Janet Russell



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Another Happy Client at La Jolla Del Mar







Another Happy Client at La Jolla Del Mar







Another Happy Client at
La Jolla Excellence







Another Happy Client at
La Jolla Excellence





Another Happy Client 

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Another Happy Client at Calafia Resort & Villas

Acquiring real estate in a foreign country can be a daunting experience; questions abound, but answers are few.  When one works with a skilled professional, however, the process is surprisingly easy!  I was fortunate to discover Mr. Ron Giron of Baja123 realty - Ron walked me through the process from beginning to end and went out of his way to make sure I was happy.  I strongly recommend the use of his exemplary services.

Dr. Brice N., Los Angeles, CA


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Ron's Testimonial

Another Happy Client at

Baja Malibu Lomas

El señor Ron Giron, agente inmobiliario en Baja123, fue una excelente persona con nosotros es esa travesía que fue la compra de nuestro hogar, mi esposa y yo recién casados y casi recién llegados a México fuimos tratados con el mayor de los respetos y hasta ahora la mejor atención inmobiliaria de Rosarito....Ron y su esposa Aury fueron de mucha ayuda al momento de encontrar la casa perfecta, a tal punto que hoy estamos orgullosos de llamarlos amigos!!! gracias por su apoyo y paciencia.

Tomas y Julissa P.

Like most people, I experienced a culture shock upon my arrival here. This culture shock had nothing to do with the people who proved to be wonderful and outgoing. The culture shock was the business community that always promised the "best service"   but never failed to be steeped in the "mañana" attitude. I felt like living the "Groundhog” days of the movie, stuck in the same routine of things: things will get done "mañana”. Then; by sheer epiphany I met Ron Giron.

Ron is the very essence of good service. I found that if I had asked him to do something, it was done before the words of my request were completely uttered. It was refreshing to see someone who actually lived the "good service” motto. Ron is a thorough professional; a man who is up to the task, regardless of the task. He will always follow up whatever is assigned to him with the same zeal and energy as if it was his own.
Ron is someone that I came to know, rely on and trust. I would not hesitate to compare him with the best this world has to offer. I do not hesitate to put my reputation on the line and to recommend him highly, for he is a capable, intelligent, hardworking professional who comes through every time.

Someday soon I shall find and visit the office where the government of Baja California keeps its ledger. I Shall open that ledger and I shall fully expect to find Ron Giron’s name on the asset side of that ledger. I have no doubt that it shall occupy first place. He is truly an asset of untold magnitude.


Michael A.