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More happy clients!!

The two of us had been looking for a place to purchase in the Rosarito Beach area, for several years.  During that time, we have had interactions with a number of real estate sales people, in order to view a particular property they were representing.  Through posts on Rosarito Facebook groups, we were fortunate to have found Andrew J. Kenesie (of  We made an inquiry to him about available properties, and arranged to meet with him on our next trip to the area. 

Andrew's enthusiasm and knowledge of the area gave us the confidence that we had found a representative that would serve us well.  Andrew partners with Ron and Aury Giron, also of Baja123, that together provides an experienced and powerful team, fully equipped to answer any and all questions you may have and completely able to deal with any issues that may arise.  The team was with us every step of the way.  The whole process was made easy because of their diligence. 

In the end we are now the proud owners of our vacation dream villa at Calafia. 

We thank Andrew, Ron and Aury for all their hard work, dedication to the customer, and making dreams come true.

Best Wishes,
Ken and Janet Russell


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Rosarito Km. 31 Buyers!

If you are considering buying property in Rosarito Andy k is your man! As first time buyers in Mexico we were a little apprehensive but Andy with his years of experience made it  all a very easy process. In fact it went so smoothly we now own 2 properties all handled by Andy. That's how much we love the Rosarito lifestyle that Andy knows so well. Give him a call and enjoy the experience... viva Mexico! 
Carla Wagner.

Happy Seller!

After working with another realtor that produced few results, Andy took charge of selling my home and I was immediately pleased with the energy and focus he brought to the table, and most importantly the results!
Andy’s passion, local knowledge, and network of friends and real estate professionals gave me confidence every step of the way.  When I needed to take care of repairs so that the house would show better, he had a guy for that.   When unsure about the course of action regarding a tax lien on the property, Andy investigated and helped resolve.   Along with this capability, Andy’s love and zest for all things Baja made it a fun process.  Thank you, Andy!
Scott Lonergan.

Another Happy Client at The Rosarito Beach Condo Hotel

I would like to briefly disclose my recent condominium purchase experience at the Rosarito Beach Condo/Hotel Resort with real estate agent Andrew Kenesie representing Baja123 real estate firm. Throughout my entire real estate acquisition process; from initial perspective property options, viewing of said properties, administrative documentation, various types of correspondence (i.g. email, phone, physical, etc.), to final property occupation; Mr. Kenesie's professionalism was exquisite. Moreover, Mr. Kenesie continually gave me a sense of security and inclusiveness, as if I were a member of his family and my interests was his utmost concern during this procedure. 

Ultimately, I would like to, at this moment, personally thank Mr. Kenesie, and highly recommend his real estate agent services to any potential future clients. 

Christopher Sean Reel