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Are you looking for an Oceanfront property at the best possible price and the confidence of dealing only with Professional Agents?

If so, is for you. provides an excellent experience because it is based on high U.S. customer service standards while allowing you to enjoy Mexico’s discounted coastal pricing.

We are located in downtown Rosarito Beach, Baja California, only 20 miles south of the U.S./Mexico border. is a high-tech real estate company utilizing the internet to advertise more than 4,500 Homes, Condos and Lots in Northern Baja on our website, making us the leading real estate site on the internet for Baja California. By incorporating “state of the art” hardware and software, the company appeals to both buyers and sellers because of the huge amount of traffic that is generated and it has received over 1 million visitors to the site.

This position is maintained by a focused effort on the part of a team, that includes both Mexican and American marketing and design talent. We believe that “getting online is easy but getting online and being effective is an art.” And that along with Professional Agents and great Customer Service is what makes us standout from the rest.


BAJA123.COM is a new company for a new age. We hire, train and focus on three main objectives: Ethics, Professionalism and Computer ability. When we look for agents we look for the ability to not only be able to be a Real Estate professional but also their ability to navigate a computer and the internet. Buyers are online and we are an online company.

Baja 123 has professional who work directly in the office. We also have “Handshake Agreements” with 550 Realtors not only all over Baja but the whole world. This means that we work cooperatively with other companies who also list and sell property.

This is much like the MLS system in the US. This allows us to have access to a large percentage of the listings available in most areas.

Baja 123 adheres to the regulations and guidelines of the Real Estate Industry, so we use Notarios and lawyers who specialize in Real Estate Law and who have many years of experience. (Note: “Notarios Publicos” are government appointed officials that are lawyers in charge of the public records and should not be confused with “Notary Publics” in the U.S.).

We also work primarily with an American title company, First American Title, to facilitate their closing services. It is a very large and well-respected U.S. title company, now capable of issuing Title Insurance all over Mexico”. 

The Baja123 team is diverse and well-versed in this area of Baja California. All of the administrative staff and most of the agents are bilingual and many were born and raised in this area and offer a great deal of local experience and knowledge.

The company is comprised of individuals with strong real estate backgrounds, some of whom still hold real estate licenses in the U.S. and it also has an administrative team whose members’ extensive business backgrounds span decades.



Baja Real EstateThough there is a cost associated with coastal living, property is much cheaper in Mexico as is the cost of living. A condo that would set you back $5 million in La Jolla, California costs $500,000 in Rosarito. 

The temperate weather rarely reaches past 85 degrees. The area has warm, friendly people and it is only a 15-minute drive to Puerto Nuevo, a city world-famous for its delicious lobster.

Baja California Norte breaks out into five basic geographical areas from north to south. Each has its own demographic draw.

Playas de Tijuana is the beach area closest in proximity to the border and it is the first beach community going west from Tijuana. It tends to draw those who are still working in San Diego because it isn’t much more of a commute from there than it is from La Jolla, California to the downtown San Diego. With a SENTRI pass it takes no time at all. 

Between Playas and Rosarito is the area that includes Real Meditaraneo, Real del Mar, Brisas del Mar, Gardenhaus and Gardenhomes, and Mar y Sol. This area draws more retirees and investment buyers. Those who come to Baja to enjoy their second homes in their life after the “nose-to-the-grindstone,” and those who vacation here regularly who also use their second homes as income tend to choose this area. Golf is popular because of the course at Real del Mar and the area has great beaches. 

Rosarito, which at its center is the famous Rosarito Beach Hotel, is similar to the others in that many residents use their homes as vacation rental income and second homes for themselves. It is also the fastest growing of the areas. With the new Wal-Mart Mall, which is the largest mall in Baja Norte, shopping, theater going and more are here. Nightlife, beach fun, horses, restaurants and shopping are activities enjoyed by all. Rosarito Real Estate


Puerto Nuevo is the area from around The Newport Beach Hotel and Resort south to Plaza del Mar including the older well-established communities of Las Gaviotas, Mission Viejo, Descanso, Palacio and more. It is still investment type property for many, but you find more residents staying at least part of the year. The famous ‘Lobster Village’, dune riding, shopping and art galleries are close by. 

Ensenada is the newest area of development interest. Many new developments are being built in this particular area. These newest Baja California developments include; Puerta del Mar, Punta Piedra, La Salina, La Fonda, and Bajamar, where golf is another growing attraction as well. Residents here also tend to be full-time. It is just far enough from the border to fully appreciate true Mexican culture and still visit family and friends in the U.S. It is a beautiful port that will be a draw to those who also have a love of boats. 

A new area that has become a huge draw is Valle de Guadalupe, an area filled with beautiful vineyards and known as the Ruta de Vino, which will remind you of Napa Valley. Wine tasting and music concerts seem to be a perfect pairing.